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Acute Recreation Service    

Latest news - we are currently looking for a facilitator to run the sessions. This would suit an Art Therapy student or Occupational Health student who is required to do a placement. Students must be at least in their second year and have some client experience.

This service takes place at Tolworth Hospital for people who are patients on Lilacs ward. 

The sessions run on Thursdays 3-4pm. 

The Acute Recreation Service has been running for over 10 years and continues to offer a chance for patients to meet and talk in a therapeutic environment. It provides them with an opportunity to express themselves creatively, and join a safe, enjoyable activity while they are in hospital.  

Many patients comment that they have not done any art or craft since school and how relaxing they find it. The group was set up by Adele who has continued to show the same passion and dedication throughout all the years. She is typically supported by one volunteer on each session.

Activities include painting, colouring, drawing, card and jewellery making, seasonal gifts, decorating bags or mugs and making window stickers.

For further information please contact info@mindinkingston.org.uk

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