Mind in Kingston

     Creative Arts Group 2020

We are delighted to be able to offer a series of art workshops to our service user community, here at Mind in Kingston. The workshop is run by an experienced artist and Art Therapist, and suitable for all levels of artistic ability and skills. Participants do not need previous experience of art-making, just a desire to use art activities to enhance their well-being in a safe environment. You will learn new skills, meet new people and make lots of art.


Due to the global pandemic, it is not possible to meet in a physical space. However, the art group has moved to an online platform and meets every Monday.

If you would like to join, please email edit@mindinkingston.org.uk

Exhibition of participant’s artwork

Each year, we exhibit art group participants’ work during Mental Health Awareness Week. This year, the participants will have their work exhibited under the Creative Arts Group menu. You will read a short biography of the participant artists, as well as their art-work that they make throughout the project. 

The individual artists' pages are being constructed as the project is progressing. Please, visit later for more content.

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