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Drop-in Café Update (February 2021)

At Mind in Kingston, we have worked hard to keep as many services open during the COVID-19 pandemic, with largely positive results. However, we have not been able to run our Drop-in Cafe largely due to social distancing measures.

Our new Virtual Drop-In Café is running via Zoom on Tuesday evenings from 6 – 7pm. It is an informal opportunity to chat to other attendees and staff, as well as take part in simple activities around topics such as mindfulness and creativity. No referral is required, however you must register via email to receive weekly invitation links. Please contact isabella@mindinkingston.org.uk for further details and to register.

The Bridge and the Star Drop-in Cafes

(Please note these services are currently closed due to COVID-19)

We appreciate that video contact doesn’t work for everyone, and that many of our Café customers are keen for the service to reopen, particularly as for some this one of the few points of contact they have with other people.

With lockdown rules changing, we are reviewing what we can offer safely. Our priority is the safety and wellbeing of our Café customers, as well as our staff team. We are working closely with the Drop-in Café team to find alternative options. However, the Café is not likely to open whilst social distancing measures are still in place, and the risk of the coronavirus is still considerable.

In the meantime, we are encouraging anyone who requires support or just wants a listening ear to call us on 020 8255 3939 or email us at info@mindinkingston.org.uk. Should you have any suggestions, please do share these – your feedback is hugely appreciated. We would also encourage you to have a look at the other services we offer.

Our Drop-in Cafes offer a friendly, relaxed and safe envirornment for people with mental health issues from in and around Kingston. As well as subsidised meals, we offer low-level support and promote social inclusion. The cafés are normally open in the evenings and at weekends when other non-crisis services are closed.

No referral is required.

We run regular film nights and throughout the year, and various different workshops including arts, crafts, and drama. We also run other activities and theme nights. Please email Vicky at vicky@mindinkingston.org.uk for further information.

Anyone who is interested in running their own group, sharing their passion at the Drop-In, please contact the office on the above email.

Please note that if you attend the online Drop-in session, you need to keep your camera on at all time and ensure you are identifiable by name.

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