Floating Support Service

Mind in Kingston is commissioned by the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames (RBK)  to provide the Floating Support Service. This is aimed at people with low-level mental health needs who would like the opportunity to improve the quality of their lives and live independently in their local community. 

We provide Floating Support by providing weekly support in either supported accommodation (shared or group homes with others experiencing low-level mental health issues) or in your own home. 

Floating Support can cover a range of issues, tailored to individual needs. This can include accessing courses to improve your mental well-being, accessing education or work opportunities, improving your financial situation or partaking in more social activities. These needs will be discussed and agreed with you by way of a support plan working towards individual goals.

The service is available for up to two years and we will work with you to create a 'move on' plan. If you are in your own accommodation, we will work towards specific goals that will improve your mental well-being and support your ability to live independently. If you are in supported accommodation, we will support you to move into your own independent accommodation. 

Clients must be receiving support from the Recovery & Support Team (formerly the Community Mental Health Team) and be under the care of a Care Coordinator, Community Psychiatric Nurse or Mental Health Social Worker.


Clients can be referred by a Care Coordinator, Community Psychiatric Nurse or Mental Health Social worker, who will make a nomination to a panel that assesses all potential clients for supported housing in the borough. The panel consists of mental health professionals from RBK and South West London & St George's Mental Health Trust, as well as representatives from local Support Housing providers.

The panel will assess the needs and requirements of potential clients and whether they need high, medium or low-level support. This way, clients will be referred to the most appropriate service. Once the panel has assessed the client, they will be referred to the most suitable provider. 

For more information, please contact the Floating Support Officer Anthony Akamo-Martins on 020 8255 3939 or at anthony@mindinkingston.org.uk

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