Donations are one way to keep our vital existing services running and you can help.

Every donation or sums raised through fundraising are so gratefully received.

We welcome any activity you may want to arrange such as a mufti day at your school, a cake sale a sponsored swim etc.

A very easy way is to download the easyfundraising tool bar, it is free from any viruses or any added apps and will let you know when you visit a site who will make the donation on your behalf. It will only take you a minute to sign up and the donations will help to support for people experiencing mental distress. Please see the link below:

You can also help support us with our other fundraising activities, such as street collections, auctions, themed evenings etc. and also looking at our Facebook page to see when we might be the nominated for Waitrose, Sainsbury’s or Asda. You might be able to have a collection box at your church, mosque, youth club, school or even ask your local newsagent to have one on our behalf.

For any enquiries regarding fundraising please contact

   with us