Mind in Kingston

Mental Health Awareness Training

Mind in Kingston provides bespoke, interactive training that increases awareness of mental health issues in a range of settings, including schools, local charities, and businesses.

One in four people will experience a mental health issue, and this affects people in every aspect of their lives, such as family, work or education, finances and social activities. 

Our qualified trainers have lived experience of mental health issues, and have worked with people with mental health issues for many years. 

Mental Health Awareness Training can help your organisation, school or business to:

  • have a better understanding of mental health issues and conditions, and how to offer support
  • be able to refer people to the most appropriate service
  • help reduce absence or low attendance, low productivity or poor performance
  • improve the resilience of your staff or students
  • promote a more positive view of mental health and reduce stigma and discrimination
  • make the workplace, school  or facility more mental health friendly 

For local charities & schools:

We receive a small grant to provide free training to local charities and schools - this is up to two hours per session. We may be able to provide extended sessions depending on availability - please contact us for further details.

For further information please contact Vicky Bourne at vicky@mindinkingston.org.uk or call on Tuesday or Thursday on 020 8255 3939.

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