Mind in Kingston

Mental Health Training for Businesses

One in four people will suffer with a mental health issue in their lifetime, and this will impact on every aspect of their lives, including their work.

Mental Health issues can affect staff productivity, quality fo work and staff turnover, costing employers between 33 billion and 42 billion per year. 

By having a better understanding and awareness of mental health issues, employers offer a more supportive environment and reduce the impact mental heatlh issues have on their business.

Our bespoke training offers

  • An overview of the most common mental health issues and conditions, their symptoms and treatments
  • How to support someone with a mental health issues, incluidng accessing statutory services and community-based support
  • Techniques to improve resilience and maintain mental wellbeing
  • Reducing stigma amongts employees and promoting a more open, understanding and positive attitude towards mental health
  • Support for employers to create a mental health plan


Short presentation (up to 1 hour): 150

Half Day Training Session (up to 3 hours): 300

Whole Day Training Session (up to 6 hours): 600

What our customers say:

"The delivery was excellent, performed by two people who really lived the subject and put us all in the room with mental health" Paul, Kingston Samaritans

"[the presentation] means a lot to our students and adds so much to their learning" Royal Holloway University of London

"thank you so much for your valuable time and delivery of our two Mental Health events at BP yesterday, we had a very good attendence and engagement and I know a lot of colleagues really appreciated your wealth of experience about Mental Health" Kym, BP

For further information or to book a session, please contact Vicky Bourne, Mental Health Trainer at vicky@mindinkingston.org.uk or on 020 8255 3939.

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