Mind in Kingston

Service User Involvement 

This service encompasses several different aspects of service users' inclusion in the decision-making process and development of services both in Mind in Kingston, local and statutory mental health services in the borough.

We have been involved in the development of Kingston Eco-op, Piper Hall drop-in, improvements of facilities on Lilacs Ward and more recently establishing the Kingston Mental Health Parliament.

The service provides information on involvement opportunities in Kingston and to involve the residents and customers of the drop ins in shaping the housing service and the Drop-In service and Mind in Kingston's wider functions.  In addition, the service gathers feedback to ensure that the residents are receiving optimum support from Mind in Kingston.

The service works closely with in-patients at Lilacs Ward, Tolworth Hospital, taking forward issues raised by people receiving in-patient services there. This includes environment, staff interaction, catering, cleanliness, leisure facilities, and Occupational and Recreational groups.  Recurring matters are discussed with senior members of the local services if they cannot be resolved by the ward manager.

The service oversees the practice sessions of the football team and assists involvement in arranging excursions, overseas holidays, transport and other functions.

The service also provides regular supervision sessions for peer staff and volunteers, and generally supports service users to achieve what they want in terms of involvement.

In addition to this, our Service User Involvement Officers sit on a variety of panels in the borough. We encourage service users to be involved in this process and offer support. 

A free quarterly newsletter is posted to all interested parties and is also available at a comprehensive range of locations across the borough. Articles are contributed by the voluntary, statutory and private sectors. The focus is on services, support, opportunities, and information on events and services. Articles, announcements and poems are also contributed by service users.

Please email simon@mindinkingston.org.uk and/or jay@mindinkingston.org.uk for any queries relating to service user involvement.

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