Mind in Kingston

Time to Change Kingston Hub

Mind in Kingston is one of the partners in the Time to Change Kingston Hub. This is a local movement of people and organisations that want to challenge stigma and discrimination in mental health.

In 2019, the hub was awarded funding to support activities in our area, and will be able to award small grants to Champions to run activities and events to help reduce stigma and discrimination.

The Hub's role is to get people in Kingston to talk about mental health, and change the way people act and think about mental health. This could be a chat over coffee, a talk, a music event or an open day. The Champion's fund will support these events (see above).

The hub is always looking for champions; people with lived experience of mental health who want to change behaviour and attitudes towards mental health in a more positive way. To find out what a champion does, please visit the Time to Change website here.

Champions will receive training and support so they can talk about mental health and help promote the Hub's work.

The Hub is also supporting business and organisations to sign up to the Time to Change Employer Pledge. This helps employers to think and act differently about mental health.

The Kingston Hub is hosted by Healthwatch Kingston, and led by Public Health Kingston. For details, contact Persephone Pickering at Healthwatch Kingston at persephone@healthwatchkingston.org.uk

Other local voluntary and statutory organisations are also involved.

Time to Talk Day 2020 - 6th of February

Every year, Time to Change promotes Time to Talk Day to get people talking about mental health . Time to Talk Day next year focuses on 'Choose Talk, Change Lives'. 

Mind in Kingston will be highlighting this day too - and if you want to be involved, we'd love to hear from you. Contact Simon at simon@mindinkingston.org.uk or call us on 020 8255 3939.

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