Mind in Kingston


Marilyn Corry - Acting Chair and Trustee

Marilyn has been a Trustee for us for over 4 years. She has a wide range of experience in psychotherapy and has been a qualified psychotherapist since 1986. Marilyn has worked at Tolworth Hospital as an Honorary Adult Psychotherapist.  She is also a qualified Social Worker and has extensive experience with families and adolescents. 

Marilyn has taken on the role of Acting Chair with relish, and while this will be a temporary role, she is enjoying providing leadership and direction to the Board.

Gerard Doyle - Treasurer and Trustee

Gerard joined Mind in Kingston in 2016. He works for Credit Suisse as UK Investment Bank Head of Outsourcing and brings considerable experience in HR, marketing, management and finance to his role as treasurer and trustee. Gerard is, through family circumstances, very aware of the impact of mental health issues and is keen to use his professional experience to support Mind in Kingston. This is Gerard's first trustee role, and he looks forward to learning more about Mind in Kingston. 

Gerard chairs the Finance Sub-Committee where he uses his professional skills to support the charity's financial planning.

Jennifer Butterworth –Trustee

Jennifer, now retired, was an interviewer for Citizens Advice Bureau for many years. Her wealth of experience as Chairman of the Kingston and Esher Community Health Council, and subsequently as a member of the Kingston and Esher Health Authority and Family Health Services Authority enriches our Board’s expertise. Jennifer has been a Trustee for over 15 years and offers her total commitment to our services. Jennifer is also a trustee for a number of other organisations.

As well as the monthly board meetings, Jennifer also sits on the HR Sub-Committee. 

Stephanie Forse - Trustee

Stephanie is a former Chair of Mind in Kingston and has been on the Board of Trustees since May 2015. She has shown commitment and enthusiasm to our team since 2012. Stephanie has worked in the voluntary sector for a considerable time, including in Mental Health and has a good understanding of issues such as funding, developing projects and volunteering. She is currently studying law, whilst working part-time for Richmond Council.

She is passionate about reducing the stigma around mental health and providing support to individuals with mental health issues.

Robyn McAllister - Trustee

Robyn has been involved with the voluntary sector for a considerable time. She has recently joined the charity Silverline as a Fundraiser, and also a Director and volunteer for the Surbiton Farmer's Market which is a monthly food market run by volunteers - this is how Robyn got to know about Mind in Kingston. She has extensive experience of working in the voluntary sector and has also worked for a substance misuse charity. Robyn has a good understanding some of the issues people with mental health issues face, and she is also familiar with the local community.

Robyn chairs the HR Sub-Committee where she is putting her experience of HR, Policies and Procedures and employment to good use.

Kevin Mitchell - Trustee

Kevin joined in the summer of 2017. He is currently working as a Consultant providing support to businesses with Strategy, Transformation and Organisational Development. He has previously worked for the Royal Borough of Kingston as the Capability Lead - Strategy. Kevin's extensive knowledge of Kingston Council and the borough in general, has been very useful to Mind in Kingston, as have his skills in consultancy. 

Kevin is a member of the Finance Sub-Committee and the Marketing Sub-Committee.

Charles Alberts - Trustee

Charles joined us at the same as Kevin and brings a wealth of experience in marketing, finance and commerce. Charles works as a Senior Consultant at AON Consulting, where he is also involved in promoting wellbeing. He is about to complete an MSc in Workplace Health & Wellbeing and is passionate about mental health. 

Charles is a member of the Marketing Sub- Committee.

Manuela Saragosa - Trustee

Manuela Saragosa joined the Mind Kingston Board in the summer of 2018. She works for the BBC as a journalist and presenter of the World Service flagship business programme, Business Daily. Previously she worked as a foreign correspondent in Indonesia for the Financial Times. Like Gerard, family circumstances have given her experience of the impact of mental health and she is passionate about raising awareness and tackling stigma.

Rory Kidger - Trustee

Rory will join the Mind Kingston Board in January 2019. He currently works as the Head of Projects and Programmes at the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Prior to joining the CAA Rory spent 7 years as a management consultant specialising in the delivery of Transformational Change initiatives. Through family experiences he has direct experience of the impact that mental health can have on individuals as well as their family and friends. This is his first Trustee position and he is excited to be bring his professional and personal experiences to support Mind in Kingston.

We have also recently been joined by new Trustee Catherine Green  - we will post her biography shortly!

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