Mind in Kingston


2021 Weekly Lockdown Art Challenge

On Tuesday 9th February, we launched a weekly art challenge to enhance the emotional wellbeing of those working, studying or living in the Royal Borough of Kingston, through art-making. 

The project is open to all, but we sent out Free Art Kits worth 50 to 50 people in the borough to help them get started!

From February 9th, art themes, guidance and skills support will be shared on our social media and website each week for inspiration. 

No experience or art skills are needed - having a try and joining in is what matters!  Please share your art with us on social media by tagging us @mindinkingston and using the hashtag #mikartchallenge. You can also email us your artwork to edit@mindinkingston.org.uk if you would like your work to be featured on our Lockdown Art Exhibition website. 

02/02/21 Week 1 Art Theme - CONNECTION:

Visit the exhibition website: Week 1. - MIK (mindinkingstonartexhibition.online)

Explore this free resource we have created on the Elements of Design to help you develop or practice some new art skills: 

The Elements of Design activity.pdf

The Elements of Design activity no colour background.pdf

16/02/21 Week 2 Art Theme - KINDNESS:

Visit the exhibition website at www.mindinkingstonartexhibition.online

Explore this free resource we have created on Shading Techniques to help you develop or practice some new art skills: 

Week 2 - Shading Techniques.pdf

Please enjoy and we can't wait to see your beautiful and diverse creations! 

23/02/2021 Week 3 Art Theme - MY STREET:

This week, we would love to see a creative image of your 'street'. You may use the activity sheet if you would like to practice drawing a linear perspective. However, you do not need an accurate depiction but a sense of the atmosphere and feeling of your street and what it is like at the moment. You may do an abstract representation or a realistic picture. I leave this up to you.

Week 3 activity_Linear perspective.pdf

Suggested work sequence if you are working with abstract representation:

It is sometimes difficult to depict an atmosphere or feeling with purely abstract shapes. The colour, shape and composition should all be guided solely by your intuition. You may use you street as the basis for a line composition.

1. Observe your street plan as the starting point form your composition or, even better, create this from your imagination.

2. Choose a colour scheme that fits the mood.

3. Make an underpainting in different colours on the paper or canvas. (You can do this with other media.)

4. Using drawing or painting tools to superimpose a number of lines on to the underpainting.

5. Repeat with different colours. You may also give texture to your work if you are using acrylic, this can be done by using thick paint and a palette knife to apply the lines.

6. Paint in smooth areas of colour in various places to break up the line interplay. (again, you don't have to use paint, you can colour in areas in various places)

7. Decide where you want to have the calm, passive areas and paint away the texture and underpainting by covering with another layer of paint.

Tip: Try painting almost all of the passive areas in white to reinforce the active area. Both the lines crossing the coloured area and the uniform white colour will give the impression that the composition continues beyond the canvas, and this gives a sense of space.

To check out: Google atmosphere of a city or street in painting to see what artists did around the subject.

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