Mind in Kingston

Wellbeing Wednesdays

Our Wellbeing Wednesdays project offers a range of structured psycho educational courses and workshops, aimed at improving the general wellbeing of participants. The courses and workshops vary in emphasis.

Previous courses have included Mindfulness, Anxiety Management, Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway, Art Therapy and Positive Thinking and Sound Meditation. We have also held Zumba, yoga and NIA dance classes.

All courses take place on Wednesday evenings between 6.30 -9.00pm and are held at the Welcare, 53-55 Canbury Park Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT2 6LQ. Costs and times may vary. Usually, there will a break and refreshments will be available.

General rules common to all courses:

1. Confidentiality.

2. Timely attendance.

3. Boundaries (trainers not available for individual         consultations/conversations outside the group) 

4. Listen/Respect the views and opinions of others.

For a list of current courses, please visit our Wellbeing Workshops page here.

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