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Alfriston Outreach Service

Alfriston Outreach Service (formerly Alfriston Day Centre) is a one stop shop for supporting older and vulnerable people in the Royal Borough of Kingston.

Alfriston provides a number of services in the community that can be delivered into people’s homes to help reduce isolation and loneliness, and ensure that no one is forgotten or left behind.

  • Hot Lunch Delivery – Hand cooked with love in the Alfriston Kitchen and delivered ready to eat. This service is currently at capacity. £7 a meal.
  • Laundry – We travel to users’ houses, collect their washing, clean it, dry it and fold it, ready to be returned in a few days – £12 a load (e.g 8KG, a bin liner full)
  • Collecting and Delivering Prescriptions – We are able to collect and deliver urgent prescriptions – Free
  • Providing Hearing Aid Batteries – We provide free Hearing Aid batteries via the NHS – Free
  • Shopping – We can shop at Sainsburys for those unable to leave their home – £3
  • Urgent Support – We provide urgent support such as emergency food bags, bedding, etc to those who have recently been discharged from hospital, or moved into a new address and do not currently have the support in place that they need.

You can contact Alfriston on 020 8399 4289, Monday to Friday 9:30am to 3:00pm, or via email to [email protected]  and [email protected]

Call us just to chat! We are here to listen and help.


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